Real Estate Law

We Protect Your Interests In Real Estate Transactions And Litigation

Whether your home or your livelihood is at stake, real estate law disputes can have long-lasting impacts. At Kasieta Legal Group, LLC, we help clients in the Madison, Wisconsin, area with a wide range of transactions and litigation related to real property, from developing commercial property to resolving disputes between tenants and landlords.

We can assist with matters such as:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Commercial closing
  • Real estate development and regulation compliance
  • Mortgage banking
  • Land use and zoning regulations
  • Eviction matters and housing discrimination
  • Landlord-tenant law

Work Directly With Experienced Civil Litigators

We have extensive civil litigation experience, which we use to find strategic, effective resolutions to our client's problems. As a small firm, our lawyers work closely with each individual client, providing personal service at a value that large firms cannot match.

In transactional work, we help clients with the legal framework to protect investments. If disputes arise over land use or other matters, we draw on decades of experience to find effective solutions that are fair to all parties involved.

Contact Us To Discuss How We Can Help

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Our Clients Say...

Robert Kasieta, Bob as he likes to be called, is one of the first attorneys I have dealt with who cares more about his clients than he does for his own interests. Bob is extremely honest and forthright and tells it like it really is, as he does not hold back in telling his clients what is his opinion of their case and how he sees it working. Bob cares about the welfare of the clients and does everything possible to prevent them for experiencing further harm. Many attorneys that I have known in the past have been the typical "lawyer profile", someone who only wants to take your case to make money. Bob, and the Associates working for him, are not that way. Sure, everyone wants to make money but for Bob, doing good for his clients comes first. Bob has been extremely helpful to me during my time of need and has become a trusted and close friend.