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Fighting Workplace Sexual Harassment In Wisconsin

Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, in any type of workplace. At Kasieta Legal Group, LLC, we represent workers who experience sexual harassment in their professional lives. Our employment law attorneys defend your rights — under both Wisconsin and federal law — to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment based on your sex or gender. If you are experiencing workplace harassment, and need the assistance of a sexual harassment lawyer, our attorneys have been serving the Madison community for decades.

Recognizing Sexual Harassment In Your Workplace

Some forms of sexual harassment can be egregious, such as when a co-worker or boss makes unwanted physical advances. But other forms of harassment can be more subtle. All forms of sexual harassment are a form of workplace discrimination.

It is important to be able to recognize and take action against, discriminatory or sexual harassment in all of its forms, including:

  • Inappropriate touching or gestures
  • Lewd comments, slurs or disparaging language, either spoken or written
  • Offensive photos, cartoons or other images
  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment

In quid pro quo sexual harassment, a supervisor, manager or employer makes putting up with sexual harassment a condition of employment or a raise or promotion. This includes demanding sexual favors in exchange for a raise or promotion.

Identifying A Toxic Or Hostile Workplace Environment

When verbal or visual discriminatory or sexual harassment, like lewd comments or disparaging language or physical sexual harassment, like inappropriate touching, is severe enough, your working environment can become abusive, intimidating or offensive. If a reasonable person would consider your workplace offensive or abusive because of the harassing behavior, you probably have a hostile work environment.

What To Do If You Experience Sexual Harassment At Work

As soon as you suspect you may be experiencing sexual harassment at work, our employment law attorneys recommend the following:

  • Document what is happening: Make notes about what is happening and your experience, especially if the behaviors involved speech or inappropriate touching.
  • Gather evidence: Save any harassing emails, photos or pictures that could constitute evidence of harassing behavior.
  • Speak to your human resources department: Talk to your human resources department and follow any workplace policies for reporting.

Ideally, your employer will be able to help address the situation. If they are unable to and you need to pursue legal action, it will be important to show that you reported what happened to your employer. Any evidence and documentation will also be important for any sort of legal action. Notes can show a timeline and emails or photos can constitute evidence of harassing behavior.

Speak With A Sexual Harassment Intake Specialist Today

If you have unsuccessfully attempted to resolve a situation or incident involving sexual harassment at work, we would be happy to offer a confidential assessment of your potential sexual harassment claim. Call our Madison office at 608-291-9650. You can also reach us through our online contact form.

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