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Premises Liability: When Wisconsin Property Owners Or Businesses Are Liable For Negligence

Property owner liability laws in Wisconsin require that property owners and businesses keep their property and premises safe for visitors. If you suffered a slip-and-fall accident and need a premises liability lawyer, our personal injury attorneys at Kasieta Legal Group, LLC, have been serving the Madison community and clients throughout Wisconsin for decades.

When Injuries Happen On Someone Else’s Property

There are a lot of ways that injuries can happen on someone else’s property. These include:

  • Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents or wrongful death actions for drownings
  • Injuries at theme parks and entertainment venues
  • Falling debris or equipment at construction sites

A property or business owner can also be liable for not providing adequate security or lighting in common areas in places like a hotel, apartment building or residential community.

Comparative Negligence Laws In Wisconsin

In the state of Wisconsin, premises liability cases apply comparative negligence principles. This means that if an injured individual’s actions contributed to the accident in any way, the damages they are entitled to recover are limited by the percentage they contributed to the accident. In other words, if a plaintiff’s own actions were 20% responsible for their injuries, the amount they are entitled to recover in a lawsuit will be reduced 20% to account for their comparative negligence. If you believe that you may have a claim against a property owner for premises liability, our experienced personal injury lawyers can provide a case assessment and discuss with you whether or not comparative negligence applies in your case.

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