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Representing Wisconsin Victims Of Accounting And Legal Malpractice

Lawyers and accountants are like any other licensed or certified professional; they must adhere to ethical standards and rules of professional conduct. When they fail to comply with these rules and standards, they can and should be held responsible for their actions. At Kasieta Legal Group, LLC, our professional malpractice attorneys have represented clients suing lawyers and accountants for negligence for more than 25 years. If your lawyer or accounting professional was negligent in providing you with services, we can help you sue them for damages.

Accounting Malpractice Claims In Wisconsin

Accounting malpractice claims may involve any type of accounting professional, including certified public accountants, bookkeepers and auditors. If you suffered financial losses due to breach of contract, improper audits or simply poor advice, it may be grounds for an accountant malpractice lawsuit. A simple mistake by an accounting professional does not necessarily constitute malpractice; it is the type of mistake and the repercussions of the mistake(s) that determine whether their actions were negligent.

At Kasieta Legal Group, LLC, our Wisconsin professional malpractice attorneys have extensive knowledge of accounting rules and regulations. They can help you recover your financial losses.

When Wisconsin Lawyers Breach Their Duty Of Care

The State Bar of Wisconsin requires all lawyers to use the good judgment, skill and care that a reasonably cautious lawyer would exhibit under similar circumstances. This is known as a lawyer’s duty of care to their client. If your lawyer breached that duty of care and you were harmed as a result, you may have grounds for a legal malpractice lawsuit.

There are several elements that form the foundation of a legal malpractice claim. First, you must prove that an attorney-client relationship existed and that a breach of the duty of care occurred. Then, you must prove that you suffered an injury or loss as a result of your attorney’s actions.

If you believe your lawyer breached their duty of care, our Wisconsin legal malpractice lawyers can assess the circumstances surrounding your potential claim and let you know how strong we think your case is.

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Malpractice

Figuring out whether your accountant or lawyer committed professional malpractice can be tricky. We have answered some common questions about professional malpractice cases that will hopefully provide clarity.

When should I seek the help of a professional malpractice attorney?

Wisconsin residents should contact a professional malpractice attorney when they suspect their legal or financial losses were a direct result of their lawyer or accountant’s negligence or malice.

What are possible signs of professional malpractice?

Some signs a Wisconsin accountant may have committed professional malpractice include:

  • Committing fraud of embezzlement
  • Failing to maintain confidentiality
  • Failing to follow generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS), generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) or the guidelines set forth by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)
  • Falsifying or making incorrect tax filings
  • Having clear conflicts of interest
  • Taking actions that lead to significant losses
  • Violating of state or federal securities laws

Some signs a Wisconsin lawyer may have committed legal malpractice include:

  • Communicating poorly with clients
  • Engaging in dishonesty or misrepresentation
  • Failing to file documents properly
  • Failing to know or apply the law
  • Having conflicts of interest
  • Missing important deadlines
  • Misusing client funds

Could a lawsuit affect the case my former attorney failed to help with?

No. If you prevail in your legal malpractice case, it is essentially proof that you would have prevailed in your initial case had your lawyer demonstrated reasonable care.

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