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To Blog, or Not to Blog?

by | Nov 18, 2023 | Firm News

When I became a lawyer forty years ago, there were no blogs. Now, everyone seems to blog (sometimes, even when they have little to say).

Welcome to the new Kasieta Legal Group, LLC, website. I’ll post blogs periodically, only if there is something worth sharing. The focus will be litigation-related issues. The target audience is other lawyers and potential clients. Hopefully, lawyers will find helpful pre-trial and trial pointers I’ve distilled from decades of practice and almost a quarter century teaching at Wisconsin Law School. Potential clients will find guidance on choosing a lawyer and what to do in certain situations.

These posts will always be concise. I’ll try not to waste your time. And they always come with an open invitation for you, gentle reader, to provide feedback. Thank you for reading. Please subscribe for future posts.

-Bob Kasieta

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